To get the most out of your polish I recommend the following tips.


Priming Nails:

Remove oils off the nail bed before applying the base coat by wiping the nail clean with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.


Applying a Base Coat:

Applying a base coat will extend the life of your manicure. It gives polish an even surface to adhere to. It will also help prevent dark colours of polish from staining your nails. I recommend the Elite Base Coat as being loaded with vitamins it helps with the condition and appearance of your nails.


Applying 2 Coats of Polish:

Always apply 2 coats of polish as this ensures full even coverage of colour. Some polishes you may wish to put 3 coats for a full dense coverage in sunlight.


Applying a Top Coat:

A top coat acts as a protective barrier to your polish. It prevents chipping, fading and gives a long lasting shine. I recommend the Elite Top Coat with it’s rapid drying time and ultra shine.


Cuticle Care:

Moisturise your cuticles on a regular basis, ideally at night before bed, using a balm or oil.


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